Friday, September 17, 2010

I smell the sea, I smile to sky, what else ?

Hei folks! How's day? hope you get a joyful day! Okay, now, I'mt trying to post regularly, because of two things. Firstly I don't want make this blog 'die' . As you know, this blog was created on beginning of this year (but after some changing and bla bla bla stuff, I made it active in August 2010), but I already had few blogs before. And I delete them because I bored and busy to take care of them. i don't want it happens to this blog! Second, I'm a very expressive person. I need something to put my minds , and that goes to my blog! 

Well, this post is about Bali. Actually i had post some pics but I delete the post about it and make the new one. As you know, I went to Bali on July, but just had about 3 days one night. Yeah not 2 nights. That because I went to Bali for 2 days a night, then continued to Flores, then back to Bali again after about 10 days in Flores. When back to Bali again, I just had whole afternoon, because I arrived in at about 11 or 12 a.m and flied to Jakarta in the night. I went to Kuta beach, Jimbaran beach, and few souvenir shop. In my previous trip to Bali on March, I visited lots more places. I went there using tour from school, so it was  a well arranged post. But I'm not going to post them, because there's not special outfit I wore. lol. So just enjoy these photos.

In the Kuta beach. My friend, Fanny, said that this is the best photo of mine in my 'Bali - Flores album' in my cellphone.

But I like this pic above, most! I even use that pic as my profile picture on facebook!

Me and my cousin Mira

Sunset in Kuta known as the best sunset in the world! 

In Jimbaran beach. Jimbaran beach famed for bunches of seafood restaurant, cafe, and live music along the beach. I and Mira's family (plus an uncle ) ate in  a restaurant there (seafood restaurant of course). I got roasted fish, and it tasted so good! really! But I forgot the restaurant name. When I was there, I could see there some little stage. I think those all are for the live show or live music that happen almost every night! So Jimbaran is really alive on nights!

When we were eating, a group of street musician appeared. They sang few songs from old legendary song into I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. They played violin, guitar, drum, and big guitar (dunno what's it name) very well. They were well organized. They wore uniform, not like most street musician I met in Jakarta.

Jimbaran with it's crazy wave. Lots of smal fisherman boats parked there.

I wore the same dress with Mira, but in different color.

P.S : Big thanks for  my followers! I really appreciate all of your supports, guys. Without you, this blog is so flat just like bread without jam. Lol! And for those who stopping by and drop comments, big thanks, too!  

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  1. Hihi, terima kasih ya Natalie yg baik ;)
    Aku jg modal kira2, tp foto2 km jg seru... Love them, til the next post ^^

  2. you maybe heard the quote : "a day without smiling , is a day lost"! so nothing more !kisses and i hope you`ll come and check my blog :)

  3. These are some really lovely photos! Looks like a really fun trip :)


  4. aaahhh i really wanna go to Bali! umm, maybe someday. lovely photos, seru tuh kayaknya :) oh okay i'll follow you back now,thanks beib!


  5. nice pics :)
    ths 4 following me :))


    those shoes moved to

  6. thx for following. your blog is really nice. i followed you yoo :D
    Kuta beach is amazing right ? i went there last holiday. i rally love that awesome beach :)

    Cloudy Day

  7. oh wow how amazing are the fisherman boats???? come and check out my blog and follow if you like it!

  8. Darling Natalie

    it will be my pleasure to follow back yours

    you seems like a fun girl :) YAY

    lol dont worry about your blog , its fine

    like me i have started mine in 2007 back then my blog is totally crap , full of emo stuff haha

    recently only i am active and i have transformed the whole blog deleting almost 50% of my older posts

    nice to know you anyway

    I am JAsmine from Malaysia

  9. Gorgeous pics :) These make me want to go on holiday so bad, I'm so happy i'm leaving tomorrow haha :p

    thank you for these amazing pictures!

  10. Ahhh I miss Bali soooo much! I want to go back as soon as possible! :) Great pictures!

  11. Lovely outfit and photo's!
    Looks like you had a fun time.
    + ofcourse I'm following you back, you've got an amazing blog

  12. lovely outfit and the pics look nice too. I love beaches, prob cuz I don't live by one anymore lol. but nothing feels better than warm sand between your toes :D

  13. I saw your blog and I wanted to invite you to follow my blog.
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    I hope you like it!

    With love, Samm

  14. looks like u had a really great time there !
    i love bali very much too !


  15. wow.. you had a blast at bali i think.. :) nice photos anyway...

  16. Looks amazing being in balo now! I'm from norwaly and this is pretty cold.. One of my friend was a student i bali :) Im new on blogspot, woud be sweet with a little comment maybe :9

  17. bali!!! jimbaran is the best place ever!

  18. beautiful scenery,,jimbaran is pretty cool