Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Magical Flores (part I)

Forgot about this pic of clouds but I thought it was taken in Flores by Mira, my cousin. Can't resist to post it! I always amused by the nature.

It was a prehistorical cave in Flores. It became famous few years ago because an expedition therethat have successfully found short human fossils from past (Homo Florensis). The name of this site is Liang Boa cave.

On the way to my dad's hometown where he spent his childhood.

Scenery view from Hotel where I stayed near the airport

See? We had big relaxing time there! It was taken in Hotel's pool. We could swim in the pool then take some steps that would deliver us to the Pede beach! Superb!


  1. Your photos are the most amazing thing i have seen. It looks beautiful

    Much love


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