Tuesday, November 2, 2010

miss my childhood - random

i miss mini boots and its brothers
i miss cans of cokes i sipped late night
i miss watching Wedding Peach and Ally McBeal
i miss blonde dolls called barbie
i miss crying out load whenever i get mad
i miss the stars i stargazed on summer
i miss forcing my parents to buy what i want
i miss singing in front of crowd
i miss being sheep in Christmas drama
i miss receiving bunch kisses on cheek
i miss standing up on the table and walked as dad's model
i miss biked around the south green parks
i miss those cheap meatballs sold by a nice smile man
i miss dressing up with ruffles and pinky gown
i miss my childish face and sweet voice
i miss my lovely butterfly hair clip
i miss having ponytail and got compliments
i miss these and those
i can't just get out and screamed whenever life punch me
i can't just cry whenever troubles meet me
i can't just weep whenever my emotion come out
today i can't just run whenever nightmare run after me
i miss my childhood
i miss my four, my five, and so on
should i invent a time machine?

hot milo - something i can keep it mine since the time my childhood ended.

i want to show you an old pic i have. when i was suffering from Glee fever for the first time, i read in magz about this photobooth application and soon i went to fox website and upload some pics of mine. then in a minute it became like this :

p.s : thanks for comments, following, and visiting. love youuu :)
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  1. cute blog! haha i love the "glee fever" the photos you took are pretty creative, and very glee :)

  2. Hi natalie,
    hahah iya salam kenal juga, love the glee fever photos
    Now following

  3. Glad to have you back, girlie! The one thing I miss the most about childhood is the carefree feeling! All we think about is what to play today, who to play with, doing homework and just getting things we want much easier lol

    Have another awesome day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  4. Halo kak natalie :)
    Apa kabarnya? Foto fotonya bagus yaah. hehe.


  5. Hi Natalie:) I miss my childhood too (wish to be young again)lol! wow the picture look so great, I was actually searching for you. it looks like you are one of the glee members, it took me awhile to figure out which one of the pics is yours!LOL!:)

  6. aww lovely photos :) wah mirip temenmu? pasaran dong mukaku hahaha yep we can be friends! check my new post ya nat!

    ♥ Selvi,

  7. I miss my childhood too :( Btw I have that Glee wallpaper too LOL

  8. lovely pics.xx


  9. Lovely pics!!! Cute blog.

    Enter my giveaway!

  10. HEY check out our blog, EXCITING NEWS!!!

  11. Nice photos!<3
    And thanks for your sweet comment ^^!

  12. hey sweetie, you gotta cute blog and a very funny post!! Lovin' it & following as well! great job!
    xo Irene

  13. hey there!
    thanks for the comments and yeah, i followed you :)
    love your blog and the pictures as well!
    Indonesian right? :) So am i :)


  14. very nice drawing!<3

    mind to check mine anyway?;)

  15. Oh WOW!!! That Glee poster is so impressive, LOVE it!!!, Amazing poem and you are so cute :)


  16. aaawww...makes me miss my childhood too. all those days playin around :)

    thanks for stoppin by my blog natalie :)