Tuesday, December 28, 2010

birthday and fun time

everyone, sorry for that hiatus. actually i'm in Christmas - new year holiday now, but i still have things to do, but things for fun, not school stuff of course.
it's 3 days late, but i really would like to say


in indonesia which has no winter at all, obviously there's no such white Christmas, but still we have joy to be shared, because Christmas is all about joy, hope, faith, love, and happy feelings.

as a Christmas baby, this Christmas was also my 18 birthday (gosh! i'm old now) so i want to share little part of my birthday.
my best friends in corporation with my dad, did surprised me and woke me up in the middle of the night, at my birthday. They came to my house, and sang happy birthday in my bedroom while i was sleeping.

 the birthday cake they bought for me. it tasted so delicious and healthy :)

 this artwork was made by my friends as my birthday present along with a cute horta doll, and bag.
in the afternoon, i also had birthday lunch with my big family at my house. I really thank God for giving me nice family and sweet friends. really love you all.
p.s : sorry for the bad quality of photos,those were taken by my bb and my friends' bb :)


  1. Hi Natalie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) the cake look delicious, i want some too:)lol! happy new year:)

  2. happy belated birthday and merry christmas (belated too)

  3. happy bday girl :)
    and seems that u spend great time :D

  4. hahaha so much fun

    happy super belated birthday =( my bad my bad