Saturday, December 4, 2010

sparkling breeze

the sunshine went out of eyes
while the scary moonlight appeared
you told me night was fun
with those feathers hanging round
the cat jumped and laughed
then i looked at you
with deep breezing voices, i asked
should we go?
because we played all games and still bored
we talked but still silent
we loved but still feel empty
maybe we should dance
put on mask and changing things
perhaps this day never ends
because the journey has began
new me, new you

did photo session with my beloved cousin, Mira. and it was totally fun, especially because of that feather mask got from Eureka with cheap price :).

(our photos credit to Mira (left)

it's been quiet long time since I post on this blog. exams almost killing me. I've been trapped in try outs from school, courses, etc, plus must followed super difficult exams at school. I have no time even just for a little sneak peek on billboard top 100 songs. Thanks God it will be done at Monday, though i still have remids and other stuff. I have no idea why, but sometimes i think my brain isn't as bright as a year ago. I got bad marks on science (math, chem, bio, and even physics). What really help me are English, PKn (nationality subject, kinda like that), history,and few non science subjects. Maybe i should try harder. 
btw, two weeks ago I went to a retreat followed by about 60 students from some public school on Jakarta. it was fun, and i met new friends there. hope I can meet them soon, maybe on january ? okey not all are girls but yes, this photo below are girls thingy. Next time I'll post others :)

love  you all followers, you're such nice people to follow a bad blogger like me:) and thanks for commenting, and visiting. doing the blogwalking soon :)

p.s :  I plan to makes an answer and questions post. any questions, please ask me:) I'll answer with all my hearts


  1. Hi, nice to meet you too. I am from Romania and yes, we had a lovely weather until now. Well, I don't mind, winter will be cool too if it snows a lot and the temperatures are reasonable.
    I am a big fan of Korean music, but I love Korean dramas and movies also. I am currently watching Fugitive and Secret Garden.
    I will follow you and hope we can chat some more about Korean entertainment.
    See you.

  2. Yes, I watched Full House but not Princess Hours. I love Rain as an actor so, I've seen his dramas. "A love to kill" was my favorite so far and in Fugitive he's too adorable.
    Thank you so much for the compliment, you are too kind.

  3. lovely post! The pictures are so cucte:) I love the outfits!!
    Im so happy i ran into your blog because it such a great read and your style is amazing!
    Im gonna follow you from now on:)
    hope you visit and follow me back!that would be fantastic!

    love from Belgium,

  4. Pretty photos and lovely post!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, sure Ill follow you, now following you, follow me back XOXO

  5. nice outfit,really love your mask!! :)

    and answer your question in my latest post :)
    suaranya bagus kok, bisa-laah disetarain sama ipod. bas-nya jga kedengeran banget, tp suara vocalnya agak tajem, jadi nyetel volumenya jangan kenceng".hehe
    buat harga segitu mah, okelaah suaranya :)

  6. You girls are SUPER CUTE! I adore the patterns on you and your cousin's dresses! And that mask, it matches your dress! I know how school work and finals could take up a lot of our times struggling but the feeling is even better when it's over!

    Have a delightful day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  7. hey there natalie! :) thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. your photos are so fun and you girls are so adorable! im loving your floral dress! followed you, follow me back? :)

    I Am DollParts

  8. Tres joli ton blog ma cherie! Tu as de photos magnifiques!


    xoxo O.A

  9. gorgeous pictures love.
    the pictures are amazing. so much fun!

  10. really colourful pictures of you two=) love it!
    please check out my new blog on street style and people

  11. thanks for the nice comment
    follow me firts please ? :D

  12. I love your feathery mask and the background looks really cool. Your flowery dress is gorgeous, and the Santa hat is cute! Cool blog!

  13. you girls look so lovely!xx

  14. aww the photos are just so adorable and both of you looks like you had loads of the dresses and the masquerade theme as well


  15. Good post!!! welcome back, school is hard :-(