Thursday, February 9, 2012

a shoulder

sometimes all i need is just a shoulder to cry on, and it could only be you, my dear friend. apart from all the words you said, but it's true that you're the only one who always stay. when people don't give a shit about me, you were there and remember me. in those rough days when i was so fragile and depressed, you came and cheered me up. even your existence in my mind is getting stronger than any other ones. you know me, you know how jerk i am. nothing to fear when you're around. right now, i need you. to talk, to share, to support me, to have fun, to be a badass together, to lie and laugh, and to hug me. call me dreamer but i do hope i could always have the special place in your heart, and it's my wish to always see you there, smiling and calling me, forever.

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