Wednesday, February 8, 2012

you can't always get what you want

i know i can't always get what i want. things can go like a shit in a wink. recently i feel not good, because some things seems sucks. i can't accomplish what i want. for example, today is the fifth day of my driving lesson, but i still don't get it. almost crashed many things today and still got no feeling in driving. the other thing is i can't go out. what the heck. yes my dad forbids me to get out because this is my last week at home, in fact i don't do anything at home. i'll do shopping tomorrow but haven't talked to dad about it. i don't know but life seems strange now. couldn't go with two friends yesterday, and also today. that's not nice. sorry for blabbering and keep complaining. just want to let this out of my mind.

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