Sunday, July 29, 2012

couldn't thank you more

dear my pretty life
the sweetness on earth i received for granted
got a fairytale to tell, wondering how to say it out loud
it's about a pathetic boy i've known forever
it's been 4 years since i met him in that stingy dark room
we sat on the wooden chair, the brown ones
it's been 4 years since we started all the things
depth conversation at night, let my old phone be the witness
and the moon was envy to us
it's been so long since this knife stabbed him
and he bleed a lot back then
when this witty bitch slapped that innocent creature on the heart
it's been like a lifetime and the time chased us
those 4 years, he should remember it
all the good and bad tattoos
it's been half a year since i met him
still had the same angelic smile
the one i've known very well
it's been days since we got back in touch
and we finally ended this with no reason
the pretty witch would kill him no more
all the sorry fly away
and the fairy tale should be ended with thank you
to the person whom this story are made for
because this sweet jerk couldn't thank you more
for saving the life of a fragile girl

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