Saturday, July 28, 2012


i was born as ordinary
then became aurora for sure
stiff and sleepy
you awake me and turned me into cinderella
served you with my sweet words
worked hard to impress you
then i became jasmine
because you taught me do wrong in a good way
you were my life skill teacher
you were the thief that stole my life purpose
but deep down inside i knew i was a pocahontas
for the difference we couldn't reconcile 
because we got this wide line in between
i've never been anastasia, i've never been a royal
like you was born that shining
so i felt tired and i got up
i knew i could be mulan
prepared for the war and kept going
hence, i travelled alone like belle
but something in my heart tells me 
it whispers night and day
that somehow i always be ariel
that little mermaid that been left

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