Monday, September 3, 2012

i need courage

i think everyone always has that person who is very special in their life. The person that can cheer up all your day, the person whom you're comfortable with, but not in love with. so i have this one person i've known for couple years. He's not the sweetest one i've known, nope, he is even far better from nice. But i must admit that whenever he is around, i get the gut to continue my journey, my game, whatever. He is the one that taught me many things, about friendship, about life, and most of all about the real me. sometimes, or even most of the times, you need someone to look through your inner self and find out who are you. and for me, it was him. 

In this life, as long as i could see, i realize that we need someone who want to walk beside us, instead of few steps in front of us. we need someone who can shine through his imperfection, not someone perfect who was just born that brilliant and great. we need someone who can increase our confidence when together, not someone who is able to make us suffocated

and at the moment, when i feel low in both emotion and courage, when i barely lose my self and the faith i have in my self, i do need him. i still remember how he could make me try hard to get what i want by talking cynically to me. it drove me insane, but it did pumped up all the power i had. and the most essential thing was he never fail to respect my talent, my ability, my self. He has never looked down on me. He believed in me. That was the reason why i wanted to prove him that i was good enough, just as he thought and even better one

that is what i need the most right now. i need those faith and trust someone put on me. i need all those appreciation and hopes. because it's amazing knowing that someone thinks you are just talented and able.  
in short i need to be expected far more now. 

so here i am, pray to God, to let me meet you, even if it only for an hour, but i assume it would change me once more, just like you did before :) 

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