Friday, September 28, 2012

jerky me

there comes a time when you are in deep confusion. when you just wanna escape from your current feeling. and suddenly God bless you with a nice way out. but you are not satisfied. instead of being grateful, you turn back to the past and weep. you still hope for something you know perfectly that you can't have. hence, lots of regrets and sadness are on the way. still, you walk toward that way out while your heart keep running at the same point. that point that you threw all your life, all your love. you ask to God "why".And that word seems like have no particular answer. There's no teardrops nor proof of heartache. What left is tiny memory and bunch of complicated mind. you enjoy walking through the way out. you make someone expect something from you while you fully understand that your heart won't go away. in this time no one can understand, where will you go? because even a genius one will be stupid because of love

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