Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 January 1992

a man arrived in town
from his far far away village that lay between mountain and ocean
he loved swimming in the sea as much as he desired the fresh morning air
his father suffered from sickness and passed out when he was just a young boy
the day when he carried his baby sister and followed by 3 of his brothers
climbed and looked for his daddy
the comfort and heaven life he had before, disappeared in a wink
and so he was raised in the arm of the strongest woman he has ever known
his sweet good cook mother
lived his childhood in both happiness and cloudy days
lack of money, lost a house leader figure
he promised not to let his future children be in suffer
then he met this villager girl in town
nice smile, tanned skin, wavy hair, and the pureness that live in her
a good Catholic girl with her huge dreams
travelled from her little home across the sea
after rejected lot scholarships in tears
the same trouble, lack of money and bunches of sibling needed to eat
she kicked away her chance for the sake of the love toward her family
curious about the new metropolitan city she has just touched
there, she met this man
fell in love, they were
let the city streets, the dormitory,and the beaches be the witnesses of their love
lots of differences laid ahead them, but nothing beat their love
the days they went out together, ate ice cream, watched movie
ran here and there, caught each other in deep hug
on 5 January 1992, they declared their love in front of God
and without them, there would be no me
Happy Anniversary Dear Dad and Mom

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