Thursday, January 10, 2013

a friend woke me up

pic from tumblr

last week when i was in the car with my friends on our way to have fun, as a respond to my story, a friend threw me a question "will you just let it be" and she continued "you should try", okay it was about something that's been stucked in my mind for a year, and that day when i was questioned like that, i solemnly look into my self. i'm this girl who used to believe that each one of us already have a certain fate, that we live the life that have already been written for us. and i did believed that at the end what's ours would always be ours, and the rest would just go. i used to believe all those things that made me easily let things come and go. i rarely try hard, and i didn't fight much to get what i want. i usually surrender. but as years goes by and i grow up like now, i realized that life doesn't work that way. maybe we have our own destiny, but i'm sure that we have options, we have to choose what we want to be and what we want to have. if i look at my past, sometimes i wanna have a time machine and go to my past just to tell the younger me that she had options, that she could choose and change things, that she had that power. you could say that i regretted some decisions i had back then when i didn't get what i want just because the simple though that everything that will be, will be. i used to believe that phrase. but now i know that God gave us this life not to see us go around like He wants, because we are human, not pawn. He gave us this life so we could live it the way we want and be responsible of it at the end. we are free creatures. and now that i have that thought on my mind, i would not give up and just surrender like the way i used to be, i would try hard to get what i want, i would fight, because deep in my heart i believe that destiny works on 3 main aspect, life, love, and death, the rest of it maybe i could work for it

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