Wednesday, January 9, 2013


pic from tumblr

after billions seconds of my existence in this wild wide world, i looked up to the sky and examined. there, i saw your beautiful face, giggled against the entire land. and spontaneously, every single cell in my body reacted, formed a blissful gesture. i felt like being hugged by the galaxy, and united with the glory universe, deeper and deeper. i got the gut to live, and i guess  i could build a pyramid like the one by the nile, with all those power i got by seeing you. every little particle in the sky high, they all embraced me into their warm little hands. i got drunk and it was contagious, because you were both my own personal nicotine and my best cocaine. and since that day, every time i turned my pale face up there, every time i met that star, i knew it was you. at the end of the day, it would always be you. the energy that blew me some spirit, possessed me thickly into my blood. i could see your shadow that fell along the river bank though the sun covered it with its lightest shine. i sniffed that magical scent one day and it was yours that torture my lust. but after 365 days clinging to you, i found out a blister, deep down in my heart, and it can't be cured except by the galaxy i longing for

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