Sunday, January 13, 2013


pic from tumblr
are you a ghost or what? are you a refugee from the future trying to find some asylum from me or what? because i see you everyday, every minute, every time i take my breathe. i see you in my blink, and i see you in my daily dream. i look at the mirror and all i see is your shadow beside my figure. i close my eyes and you are there, hanging on till i wish i was asleep. whenever i take a ride and travel, it's like the universe shout out your name to me, till i barely deaf. i see your existence in every corner. i see your name been carved on the trees. i see your smile against the sun. i talk to a friend and it's you that popping in my head. i watch tv and again, i sense you. i listen to my playlist, and every single one reminds me to you. i don't like you, you are not my favorite person, but still your name is tickling here in my mind. i'll be crazy because i can't get you outta here. 

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