Tuesday, May 7, 2013

milky way

sometimes we enjoy life eagerly, that we forget what should be achieved
the other time we pursue our target like crazy that we forget how to live
sometimes we run a step ahead others and take no sight at past
the other time we wail over what happened and stand still in the frozen second
sometimes we love someone so badly, that we forget how to love ourselves
the other time we busy placing ourselves as the centre, that we leave the love we could have
sometimes we take people for granted, kiss and bite them the way we want
the other time it's their turn taking us for granted that we are hugged and slapped randomly
sometimes we want someone to be ours and protect them beyond our ability
the other time we are wanted by someone who throw his/her happiness for the sake of ours
sometimes we need a shoulder to cry and find some comfort
the other time we should spare a hand for those who is in trouble

sometimes we could be so bitchy. we could turn into the jerk ones. we could transform into the selfish strangers. sometimes we could be annoyingly spoil and ask unlimited wishes. sometimes we could be run outta our mind and be foolishly in love. sometimes we worry to much that we afraid to take another step to go. but each one of us is just a sparkle in this world wide world. each one of us is just like a tiny particle laid in milky way. we are just a very little part in this world. but how come another tiny little bit of milky way means the world to the other one?

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