Sunday, September 29, 2013

Thank you freaks

If i was born to stand out, then i wouldn't be a green grass no greener than others, or one of those monochrome butterflies instead of the stunningly stripes one. I wouldn't be the brown duckling, swimming on this muddy pond, surrounded by the same ones, looking with envy eyes to that lovely goose. Each one is unique, and i am a kind, too. I am maybe the same green grass, but with a detail of complexity hanging on my leaf, and this monochrome pattern, well it consists of millions different dots, which continuously changing.They forms a proof of God's grace into creation, and if this ugly duckling is just the ordinary one, yet she dives the other way, and find a mystical cave full of magic with her more added brain. For the rest of my life, if i think like this, i know one thing for sure: i should not change for the sake of others, but for my satisfaction

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