Sunday, November 9, 2014

A glimpse of Saigon

I went to Saigon a.k.a Ho Chi Minh with two fellas this holiday. The city was hot and filled with packs of motorcycles. not all people can speak English well, even in the tourist area. However things were so cheap since the currency is lower than IDR. Starbucks, BK, and other western chain restaurants were newly open there, but who cares since we craved for the infamous authentic  Pho from street vendors.  There were lots of historical things and also museums. Looks like this city still sells what war has left. The war itself was so brutal and a painful memory, it didn't only kill and torture those who lived in that time but affected few generations after. The poisonous gas made their offsprings (and some American Vietnam war veterans) suffered from inevitable body defects. So once again, there is no good war i think. Well let the pics talk to you

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