Sunday, November 9, 2014


I live in my own cocoon, the place where everything was in order, safe, and sound. I barely go out for sunshine hurts me in minutes. I rolled my body with my defect wings, surrounded by the fur i rarely proud of. I closed my eyes most of the time, because the light makes my eyes itchy, something i was unsure why. I didn't let my tiny feet off the ground, since those dust made me anxious, felt like something beast would chase and bite my feet. So i kept my self in my own cocoon, so tender and blue. At night i could peep outside, watched the stars competed to kiss the moon. I loved seeing their sparkling moves, it blew me to another universe, though i doubt its existence. Then one day, out of the blue in the midst of the storm i saw you, with your crooked smile and bumbling laugh. Your voice was so crisp, the kind of tone i swore i haven't hear before. i wonder which species you belong to, for you are so different that i got no clue. You said you was born in Saturn and the star sent you here. You just got off from your crystal plane and somehow arrived just inches from my cocoon. I started to believe though my mind was not that easy to co-operate. I was a skeptic one, they said. Then we sang that cheerful melody, the one i got from my dear deers near the white lake.

blow me the wind, send me a kingdom
blow me the rain, send me a freedom
here comes the night, don't leave the jungle
when you meet the right, your heart feels tickled

You asked me to walked from my cocoon and watched the night under the tree. You said  you haven't seen any berry. I was so speechless and laugh over your story. Excited, we played jigsaw puzzle and sang another rhyme. Then the dawn came by, and i had to stuck my self back into my cocoon. You said bye, see you tomorrow. You said,"There would be stars attraction tomorrow night! you should see if you don't want regret for the rest of your existence" I said yes and slowly forced my self to my cocoon. That was my first day stepping outside my cocoon.
The next night i begin to wander, filled with energy i didn't know i have. I seek for you, open my ears so wide to grab your clumsy voice. I chased your shadow for the next 365 nights, and still i haven't found you. Tonight is the 366th night, and here i am in my cocoon, ready to close it so no one would open it again. Because it is safe, sound, and quiet here.

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