Wednesday, November 12, 2014


it was past midnight
just like today, ain't i right?
the stars shone so bright
and both of us were so high
just because we shared common sight

you were a calm, i was a mad.
but both of us were not so good nor so bad.
knowing you was something that made me glad
the thought that you were someone i almost had,
but time destroyed me so bad
and i keep questioning God for that.

During my high school year, i was a coffee drinker, just like both my parents  are. I had to wake up at 4.30 am and because of traffic and stuffs i always sleep past midnight. That's how coffee saved me. Don't ask me how my eye bags looked like. Those days, to be able to drag my self to class was my top priority. Now that i don't have full schedule and morning classes like those years, i only drink coffee when i have to. Like tonight when i have to stare at this desktop, typing my thesis for the sake of my bachelor degree, and somehow i 'steal' some minutes to talk about coffee. I love coffee, almost all kinds of it. For me, less sugar is better, though no sugar is not an option for me. Coffee is not like green tea, it doesn't bring any bad memory for me, instead of good memory i had back then.

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