Monday, March 23, 2015

What I'd love to have right now

I miss being a college student. I miss university life so bad. Those nights out. Those morning walks. Those classes. I even miss writing thesis. I would love to be there again, sitting in those familiar classroom, doing midterm test. Those little things that I rarely be grateful for, now feel so worthy yet so unrealistic. I miss being among my friends, those friendly faces that always surround me with juicy gossips or heart to heart talks. I simply miss them all. I miss the library, the bench, the lake, the Korean Restaurant, the starbucks. God knows how much I'm longing for those places. 3,5 years of my happiness was happened there, in my beloved campus. I am fully aware that life must go on. No matter how much this lingering feeling haunts me, I should just go and move forward. But move on, it ain't easy. it never was.

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