Sunday, June 21, 2015


you have the life i could never get into;
in that world full of weird figures;
me? i also live in the world you could never get used to ;
filled by rambling tales and imaginary bruises;

you were raised in your mom's crystal castle;
while i was raised in my dad's hut filled by bizarre hustles;
you were surrounded by sweets and classics;
and i was waking up to Patty Page's and Sue Thompson's music;

you got your own rolled oats every single morning;
i used to skip the breakfast for useless stargazing;
in your childhood, you got dozen of wooden toys;
while i played football with those boys;

you got no second thought for your future;
while i always have thousand reasons to be insecure;
you have all the energies within you;
while i have no idea what to do;

i got no clue why the universe made us meet;
maybe it is destined for the reasons i don't know even for a bit;
our path crossed and suddenly things got blurry;
leaving me with nothing but worry;

we could never get along, don't you know?
for nothing we have in common;
so maybe we should be apart somehow;
so i won't shed a tear when reality summons;

You know sometimes things don't end up, the way we desperately want to. We never know what life holds for us. I simply hate what i just heard. For no particular reason i got my self blinded by what i thought has lost from me. Thing has changed. Circumstances made me felt like years ago and i hate myself for that. I worked hard to put aside what i shouldn't have. Now it is coming back. Triggered by something that should be a special yet lovely gift. Oh don't you know, the universe is good at writing twist, though i have no idea what twist would i get.

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