Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I've been dreaming to go there whole my life. I've been telling people that I would definitely be there, reaching my dream. Now that I have many opportunities to pursuit it, there is a cloud of doubt hanging on my head. There is a fear that I won't get it, thus I don't even dare to try. Sometimes I have one silly thought that keeping the dream alive is better than trying it out then fail.  To be honest, that is a coward mindset I must take away from my mind.

Fear is an old friend of mine, and to this day it is still there, harboring on the corner of my heart, ready to embrace me any soon. I am afraid of the fear itself. It keeps me away from everything I love and everything I want to have. Fear is destructive in many ways, but somehow it is always there. I often find my self waking up at night caught by the fear that want to say hello to me. For most of the time, I can be free from it but at the end of day it keeps coming back to me. 

How do you kick away that kind of fear? That feeling that make you tired and simply unable to trust your own ability? That uneasy feeling that stops your steps and haunts you night and days? Can you find the cure to heal it? To kill that fear from your memory lane? I am afraid the answer is no.

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