Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Time heals.

It was a year ago when I was driving in the midst of the night.
I called her and told her about my plan to set up an e-mail.

To have someone open it once I surrender to eternity.
To reveal what has been hiding for years.
My deepest darkest secret.
The ultimate clue why I could never be a nice friend.
And then after minutes of me releasing my burden, she asked me
"Won't you regret it once everything change?"
Firmly, with no hesitation I simply reply
"Nothing will change. No matter what, it will remain the same"

Then here I am today.
And she was right, everything has changed.
I fell multiple times but I rose again.
I could stand still now.
I found my happiness.
For that I am so grateful.

It is not the same with a year ago.
I thank God for granting me those experiences.
Those were the best I could have at that time.
Besides, those were what I need at that time.

Things evolved.
Seasons comes and goes.
But most of all:
Time heals, eventually.

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