Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What matters the most

Bad thing happens. In the way we could not imagine. In the form we have never predicted. In the time we could not foresee.

The moment I thought I was on the top of the world, ready to pursuit my new goal - that's it. That's how reality kicked in.

And then I realized how every single thing I used to take for granted - it matters.
The daily situation I complained due to its dullness - it matters
The ability to just walk in a peaceful feeling - it matters
The moment I can talk cheerfully without guilt - it matters
The morning I could spend by sipping on my favorite Java Chip - it matters
The random late night travel to the mountain side - it matters

Yet I took those things for granted. It is cliche but true that we don't appreciate what we have until it is taken away from us.

As I write this I realize - so many are the things I have that I don't be grateful for.

A healthy body to function normally. The family that is full of joy and love. The job I enjoy. Those I love who love me back.

So starting today, being grateful would be one of my personal trait. I do hope I will always be.

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