Wednesday, May 17, 2017

You never know what tomorrow brings

Yesterday a dear friend of mine told me that I am a bit less uptight than I used to be, that I started to take things slowly. It might be true. Earlier this year, I prepared to take a big step in my life. I planned to make a change and was so ready to do this and that. I have already made a fuss on the preparation it self. In short, I was so busy preparing stuff for months ahead.

Then on April I was diagnosed with this disease. I had to undergo treatment in the course of several months. My medical condition forced me to lose what I have planned. I lost my chance to have a change in my career. I have to give up what I was planned and thought for months.

See? I have to say goodbye to the thing that I almost have. That is when I realized that everything can happen, everything can change in a wink. There are things outside our control that may occur whether we want it or not. Bad things, good things - they happen in the way that sometimes you cannot predicted. And worrying is not a good way to overcome those things. So, just let go things. Stop worrying for it won't change a thing. Enjoy the moment. Think less about what happened or what will. Live in now. For you don't know what tomorrow brings.


  1. I would give you the same advice I gave my daughter when she graduated high school 16 years ago (and she has had a terminal illness now for 5 years)- Never turn 40 and look back on your life with regret. I wish you well.


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