Monday, July 3, 2017

New York

I was sitting right beside the window on that Radio City Apartment. It was out of my expectation to see Times Square right across the street. I was listening to Adele and enjoying each minute of it. To be there for the first time. To be a part of that city that never sleeps. The city that has been in million people's dream. I was beyond grateful. It has been three and a half years, and still I can recall the feeling of that frozen moment.

Dear New York,

If only we can meet any soon, please let me. I have been longing for your crowded streets. I miss seeing the lights in your nights. Your snow and your coldness - I love them all. Once I dreamed to stay there, to learn from you, to pursuit my goal - somehow that dream seems so blurry and unreal. I feel like losing my plan, but you will always be a point of interest for me. People may come and go from my days, but it is still your dear New York, that calls me in the midst of the night. Dear New York, please do summon me - for the light within me is somehow fading, a little by little, each in a time.


your clueless admirer.


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